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QOL improvements that can be made

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While this will probably be ingored, I might as well post anyway.. just some nagging QOL things in this game that have bothered me for years in a game where there's already quite a lot of QOL improvements over most games in the genre.

  1. Waypoints should be safe spots.Sometimes it might take some time to load into a zone if you're not using a Solid State drive, sometimes you might need to go afk but want to remain on the map on that IP until an meta event starts, but currently you can be attacked and killed by mobs while just loading into a zone. I think You should be immune at least until you move from that spot, in PVE.

  2. Stop automatically opening up uncompleted story quests in our UI if we manually quit from that quest.Especially when you've been moving towards making rewards on story quests get to the point where they're not worth repeating on alts. We already have played through the story, maybe have even gotten every single achievement on the quest, but every time I log into an alt I have it pop back on the screen about scarlet's war, I really don't feel like sitting through the cinematic on every character just to make that stop happening and even if I did it'd just pop up Disturbance in Brisban Wildlands instead. I quit from the quest.. but if I swap characters or change maps, there it is again. Just .. STOP. If I want to do that quest I am perfectly capable of opening up my story panel and enabling it again.

  3. Something needs to be done with spirit shards and elonian trade contracts.As I've pointed out in the past, the "rewards" for PVE dailies is largely just xp , which if you're capped on level and mastery, is next to worthless compared to the reward track progress potions given by PVP and WvW dailies. One of the reasons is there's just not a lot you can do with spirit shards. If you're making a legendary or converting certain mats or making ascended gear you might use some, but it's almost never spirit shards alone you're spending there you're also spending gold and other materials So if you're just racking up thousands of spirit shards, there's nothing you can really dump them into like you can other currencies like karma, laurels, and Living story map currencies (Geodes and Bandit Crests can be dumped for Bags of Gear or Keys for their respective maps, or even obsidian shards or T6 mat bags for bandit crests.. LS3 and LS4 map currencies can be consumed for unbound/volatile magic and there are ways to use those currencies for mat bags and trophy bags that can be profitable) . Trade Contracts are similar. You earn them all over the place in PoF content but there's really nothing you can dump them into, unless you're also spending karma, which if you're using karma for other things, well then they just accumulate, people have thousands of them if not 10's of thousands of them with no uses.

  4. The "taxi" system vs having a district system like GW1.GW1 you could advertise which district in a town was where your guild was gathering, if you wanted to get a lower ping/lag in DoA your group might migrate to a different emtpy district (not sure if that actually made a difference it was just popular to do) at will. In GW2 if you want to try to find an active map for a meta event you have to hope it's posted in LFG, and hope it's not full, and if you're a guild group trying to do a guild oriented meta event on a map you have to have people do all sorts of crazy logging in and logging out trying to get a fresh map that you can then taxi in your group to, you might have to beg outsiders to rezone, you might have to deal with an HP train using up slots that should go towards doing the meta. With a dedicated district system you can always have district 1 be the meta map, district 2 the HP train/not doing the meta map and Districts 3 and beyond being second meta maps or guild maps etc. This current taxi system is a mess and shouldn't be considered acceptable by any means.

  5. "Use all" was great, let's expand itIf you have a stack of fresh winterberries you can use all on the stack to get a bunch of Unbound Magic, however if you have a stack of petrified logs that you aren't using for something and want to convert to unbound magic, you have to salvage it one by one... a salvage all on a stack would be nice going until your kit is out of charges, or you complete the stack, would be really handy for those of us with copper fed salvage-o-matics or silver fed. Let's also expand use all to tomes of knowledge/mentorship. A lot of people do like to use multiples of these in a row and there's no reason to require a confirmation after every one. Going through the leveling rewards after using them is enough of a clickfest as it is.

  6. Clean up the list of items that need to have their name typed before being destroyed.Too often, you have holiday junk items or collection items that cannot be sold or salvaged, and also have no use, but in order to destroy them you have to type out their name. WHY? Especially for collection items. Once they go into the collection panel they have no use in your inventory, WHY on earth should you need to type out their name to destroy them? The only things that SHOULD have this kind of warning are things that you will need for some other component later, or are REALLY valuable and hard to replace or impossible to replace. Not toilet paper from halloween.

I would say something along the lines of I was really REALLY glad to see hearts be gone starting from Orr, I think hearts are some of the most bland and tedious content ever introduced to an MMO and it was only made worse by making them repeatable but apparently some people enjoy them (probably the same exciting people who's hobbies include vacuuming and mopping and other chores..), so I'll probably gain no ground on my argument that hearts were originally just intended as a tutorial element to point out to people coming from other MMO's that are used to "quest hubs" to learn where events frequently happen and are therefore unnecessary in any zone over level 25.

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  1. Most are but I agree that its super frustrating to die while trying to load. It happens to me :(
  2. Ugh YES! So much this!
  3. I could take it or leave it I guess. I've never been bothered that much by this.
  4. I am not sure what you are asking for here so I can't comment.
  5. Yes please
  6. If the item has no use other than to go into my inventory and automatically unlock part of a collection there should be no reason I have to type it's name to delete it. It's just a pain. I agree with you.

And yeah, having a selected 'next' track would be nice, or at least be able to set a reward track to be automatically repeating. So many require you to do the same track over and over to get all the potential rewards, so this would be nice.

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Well like I described, in GW1, you could just pop down a list of instances of a particular map and join them as long as they weren't full. Here you can't select an instance of a map, you join a map and if it happens to be the one where people are organizing to run the meta even you're good, if not you have to check LFG and hope there's a listing. If you're not in the map that's organizing to do the meta and there's no listings on LFG, well whatever map you're on is a waste of time, might as well not even try doing the meta because it will fail. Not a fun position to be in. Also sometimes guilds like to do their own clean map for an event like triple worms. They currently have to spam people leaving and joining maps till they get a "fresh" instance. and then taxi in all their guild members. It's messy and can take awhile to get to work. So the current system is a lose/lose. I think a squad leader of a squad with at least 40 people in it should have an option to open up a new instance of the map for their squad or something like that.

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