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Soulbeast and Jump Pads [WvW/PvE?]

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Since the induction of soulbeast, the ability to merge pets and interact with the environment has been tough to micromanage. I had found another issue that’s persisted since PoF launch and would like to had addressed since it could mean death for the poor soulbeast.

In Earth Keep, the asuran pads that transport you to the mortars cause the soulbeast to be unmerged with their pet AND lose ability to weapon swap or use weapon skills.

I made a reddit post and uploaded a small 7 second video just to show recreation of the bug and make replication easier for the team. https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/85g7xo/beastmode_and_jump_pads/?st=JEZAEC03&sh=faf804e2

I am not sure if the bug can be replicated in PvE as I have limited time but for sure the bug affects players in the earth keep of WvW and being without weapon ability means life or death.

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