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Post your optimized and maximized Reaper build stats


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I'm trying really hard to make Reaper viable against the tougher higher tier players in WvW Warriors, Revenants, Rangers who have tons of invul, blocks, and evades which is almost impossible to beat unless the players themselves aren't maximized skilled and higher tier, I will have a tough time against these.

I'm trying to increase my armor, while maintaining enough HP, and overall power and damage as well.

Please post what you have from http://en.gw2skills.net

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Prior to the nerfs, I ran this with Speed of Shadows and Close to Death, instead, and Furious Stones when they gave way more ferocity from vitality up to 221 critical damage.It doesn't really work these days because it relied so heavily on SoS and VP to work, but it's a fun build, though.


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