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Recruiting for a static raid team


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Thorin and Company (TAC) is recruiting 5 more players to form a static raid team that clears W1-4 and practices W5.

What we are looking for:

-100+ LI

  • Chronos, Druids, DPS, BS (Multiclass)
  • the ability to play your role correctly (if you play a damage class we expect your DPS atleast to be close to the benchmark)
  • especially looking for players that do not shy away from taking some responsibility (Cannons,Mushrooms,Mortars,HK)
  • maturity, positive attitude, patience, punctuality

What we offer:

  • helpful, experienced raiders with 400+ LI
  • Multiclass
  • A friendly guild with over 400 members, a maxed guildhall, weekly events
  • Discord and TS
  • Non rep req

Further notes:

Don´t hesitate to message me, even if you are lacking experience with a boss or two. As long as we have the feeling we can work with you, we can quickly stamp out any weak points.PM me via forum or ingame. I´m looking forward to hearing from you!

~ Rexx

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