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[EU] New Raid guild looking for raiders.


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[blur] is a newly formed raiding guild looking for members to bolster our roster. Our members are made up of people previously from “hardcore” PvE guilds just looking for a more relaxed atmosphere. Our goals are clean and efficient clears while having fun.

What we expect from you:Friendly attitude. We banter a lot so an open mind and relaxed mood is welcomed.Discord (understanding of English, written and spoken. Microphone optional).Activity and punctuality. Showing up for raids on the set days if signed up and on time.Good knowledge of your main class and back up. This includes full ascended meta builds for FotM and raids.Willingness to learn and patience. Basic understanding of raid encounters. We have members who can help you learn in-depth timing of mechanics etc. (We have no LI or KP requirements, though some experience of raids and FotM is welcomed)Be able to work in a team and accept criticism. We may ask you to play a different spec or ask you to learn a new spec.

What you can expect from us:Full raid clears Mon-Wed @7GMT (includes CM attempts)Drama free and relaxed atmosphereExperienced raiders/FotM and dungeon runners.Occasional FotM and dungeonsGW1 guild to farm HoM points or GWAMM title.

Tired of pugging throughout the week for your raid clears? Contact one of us for more information on how to join.Sird.4536 (Sird Heldenhammer).

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