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Further improvement of the home instance. (request)

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One of the key reasons that I love GW so much is the ability for players to express themselves or show off achievements in a way that doesn't diminish other's efforts. In this vein, I think Home Instances could use a bit of love.

My first suggestion is based around the idea of adding to the existing home instance structure. One of the aspects in GW1 that I enjoy a lot is the Hall of Monuments and the Zaishen Menagerie. I would like to see aspects of those instances be built into GW2 home instances. The first thing that I would like to be able to do is designate a few ranger pets to wander around in the home instance, but not tied only to the home instance on the ranger character but rather made account wide. Additionally the ability to make these pets tameable by the player on another ranger character to alleviate the time constraints on setting up a second character. This would also provide a way to show off some of the pets that are less useful in endgame activities. The other side of this coin would be to include a visual representation of an accounts achievements a la Hall of Monuments. There are cool trinkets, books, and other items that players can pick up throughout the game, but they take up bank space and often serve no purpose. These things could be displayed in the home instance instead, freeing up bank space but still allowing those who care to keep them safe.

The other more ambitious side to this feature request would be a new home instance being added that would be account wide and make use of the guild hall decoration system. This new home instance would need to be captured in much the same manner as guild halls, but tuned for a single player to defeat. Once claimed, every character tied to the account would be given a portal scroll allowing them to teleport into it at will. Additionally, it could have a physical location in-game that would allow players to bring guests in to make use of the nodes just as with current home instances.

These new home instances would include the features mentioned above but could have a greater degree of customization. Just as players can exchange drops from bosses in various parts of the game, there could be a vendor in the personal home that would convert those items into trophies or other player placed items. This new player housing could also serve as a way for players to level up the scribe profession without requiring a guild (recipe costs that improve scribe rank would need to be roughly equivalent). These new home instances would serve several purposes.

  1. Would provide another reward loop for players by allowing them to show off their personal achievements in a visual manner, as well as adding another layer to "fashion wars2" by providing new items to craft and decorate a home instance.
  2. It would open up the scribe profession to more players.
  3. Allow players to display lesser used pets, minis, etc that are of value to the player but might not see use in normal gameplay
  4. provide additional items that could be acquired with gems further funding ongoing projects that benefit all in the game.

These new player home instances should be acquired in a very similar manner to guild hall claiming, and could utilize much of the infrastructure already in place for guild halls. Additional homes could be added with later expansions and/or sold via the gem store but would all be entered in-game from the same location. There is already a large community of those who share their home instances with other players and this would enhance that.

I don't believe this is unlikely to happen, but it is a system that is very near and dear to my heart and would love it very much if it were made possible. Thank you for your consideration.

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