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Character Login Display

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Why is it that the display of the last characters logged in are not 'consistently' listed in order by most recent? This worked fine up until a few months ago and now, I have to log into a character twice in order to get it shown in the proper order. Yea, I know...why is that such a big issue? Well, I collect on most of my toons and it allows me to keep track of where I am. It's an inconvenience and, I feel, it's a bug.

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I've found if i hop onto the character gather (lets say the flax farm as i have 2 there) and log out again it wont always move the character to the front of the list, but if I spend more time on the map than 1-2 minutes or transition to another zone like the guild hall and then log out, it will. I think its a server side loading issue.

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