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[Elite Suggestion] Doomsayer

Regon Phoenix.8215

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Adept Minor Trait (Guardian of Demons)Unlock Dagger for your main-hand and allow you to use Corruptions.

Injustice (replace of Virtue of Justice)Passive: burn your target every 5 attacks.Active: sprout fiery wings and cause your attacks to burn your target. Last longer for every condition on you.Passive burn: 1 stack for 4 secCasting time: instantCooldown: 15 secActive burn: 1 stack for 3 secBase duration: 4 secBonus duration per condition on you: 2 sec

Cowardice (replace Virtue of Justice)Passive: heal yourself every second for every condition on you.Active: rip stability and resistance from nearby foes and inflict them with fear.Passive healing per condition: 20 (scales with healing power)Casting time: 1/4 secCooldown: 30 secRadius: 450Fear: 1.5 sec

Meekness (replace Virtue of Courage)Passive: grant resistance for 3 sec every 20 sec while in combat.Active: copy up to 5 conditions from yourself onto your target and taunt it.Casting time: 3/4 secCooldown: 30 secRange: 900Taunt: 1 sec

Adept Major Trait LineMajor Trait 1 (Noxious Flames)Burning an enemy will also poison it: 3 stacks for 5 sec. Cooldown: 8 sec.Major Trait 2 (Rampant Immunity)Take 10% less condition damage, and take 2% less condition damage for every condition on you.Major Trait 3 (Ritual Rights)Your dagger abilities will deal 5% more damage per condition on you.

Master Minor Trait (No Decay)You are immune to condition damage while you are downed.

Master Major Trait LineMajor Trait 4 (Special Spices)Poisons you apply will last 20% longer and poisoned enemies will take 5% more damage from you.Major Trait 5 (Taking on the Pain)Casting healing ability will transfer up to 2 conditions from every nearby ally to you.Major Trait 6 (Unnatural Luck)Every 6 sec convert 1 condition on you into a boon.

Grandmaster Minor Trait (Force of the Plague)Gain might when you apply a condition on an enemy: 1 stack for 10 sec.

Grandmaster Major Trait LineMajor Trait 7 (Masterful Necromancy)Your corruption abilities will also corrupt a boon on every affected enemy.Major Trait 8 (Delicious Rot)Heal yourself for 5% of condition damage taken and done.Major Trait 9 (Blazing Fallen Angel)Your burning will now scale with power instead of condition damage.

Dagger 1 (Corruptor's Bombardment)Launch vile missiles at your target while channeling. Deal bonus damage for every condition on your target.Casting time: instantChanneling duration: 2 secRange: 500Damage (4x): 500 (scales with power)Bonus damage per condition on your target: 5%

Dagger 2 (Unequal Deal)Steal 1 boon and 1 condition from your target. Deal damage to your target and inflict poison on it.Casting time: 1/4 secRange: 500Damage: 700 (scales with power)

Dagger 3 (Delayed Burial)Implant dreadful projection of your dagger into your target. After a delay it will burst dealing damage per condition on your target.Casting time: 1 secRange: 500Damage: 300 (scales with power)Bonus damage per condition on your target: 15%Delay: 3 sec

Healing corruption (Stop the Rot)Gain resistance, stability and heal yourself. Slow nearby enemies.Casting time: instantCooldown: 15 secResistance: 5 secStability: 2 stacks for 5 secHealing: 3800 (scales with healing power)Radius: 450Slow: 1.5 sec

Utility corruption 1 (Nasty Surprise)Remove up to 5 boons from your target and replace them with poison. Burn yourself.Casting time: 1/2 secCooldown: 40 secRange: 500Poison: 8 secSelf burn: 1 stack for 10 sec

Utility corruption 2 (Volcanic Stomp)Blast burning to nearby enemies, knock them down and cripple yourself.Casting time: instantCooldown: 30 secRadius: 450Burning: 2 stacks for 8 secKnock down: 1 secCripple: 6 sec

Utility corruption 3 (Extended Damnation)Increase duration of all conditions on you and nearby enemies by 2 sec.Casting time: instantCooldown: 30 secRadius: 600

Elite corruption (Dance of the Fallen Angel)Apply a condition on yourself and the same condition on nearby enemies with every pulse. Sixth pulse grants resistance to you and fears nearby enemiesCasting time: instantCooldown: 80Radius: 450Duration: 6 secFirst pulse: 1 stack of bleeding for 12 secSecond pulse: 1 stack of torment for 10 secThird pulse: 1 stack of poison for 8 secFourth pulse: 1 stack of burning for 6 secFifth pulse: 1 stack of confusion for 6 secSixth pulse: you gain resistance for 5 sec and nearby enemies get feared for 1 sec

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