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Winter's Heart Infusion + Diamond Skin Infusion?


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With combine I meant that you get both effects together. Do you have both and can you post some screenshots? :)

Winterheart applies:White skinBlue hairBlue eyes

Diamond applies:Shiny grey skinWhite hairWhite eyes

And I would really like to know how it looks when both apply their effect

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On my sylvar at least it just made it really white. It kind of dulls the effect of each individual one unless you’re going for an intentionally blank white character. It’s also kind of difficult finding armor for this combo because your character and some of the armor will be really muted and then others pieces will look completely different. It looks alright for a frosty ele character though.

I also tried this combo with celestial infusion and it made the celestial pointless almost.

I would also advise against using the poly black infusion with these but that might be common sense. The teal might look alright though. I’m just not a fan of most of the poly infusions because I don’t like characters that look like they have been submerged in nuclear waste for centuries.

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