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Resistance is now the best killer.

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I'm sorry but this was a fatal mistake on the devs part. If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's that now resistance gets corrupted into immobilization. First of all, resistance shouldn't be corruptable to begin with, it's the one thing stopping conditions from completely overwhelming you in seconds. I wrote this here because I wanted to hear if players who play pve and pvp have noticed this trend. As a wvw player I can say that due to this change, fights haven't been as great and have become stale because once resistance is removed and you're in a winds of disenchantment, which is what the meta is partially about right now, you are dead because a scourge will in fact corrupt your resistance and lock you in. Sure you can clear immobilization but in wvw zerging, believe me, there is no time to do so. This change was a disaster and makes fights default to being just about numbers in wvw. Everything was in fact alright until the fire nation legitimately ruined the benefits of having boons.

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This has more to do with how op scorge is then any thing else. If these where boon strips it would be far easier to balances but anet realty like scorge.

The problem is resistance spame with low duration so each time its converted into a root a new stack of resistance pops up and gets turned into root until its a high duration and your out of resistance.

Its good to have this counter play but the condi needs to have = duration as the boon converted same with condi to boons.

Also only a spvp and wvw problem i do not think pve even uses these effect this much to be a thing to deal with.

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Resistance should be made stat in my opinion, just as toughness is. Allow protection to cover both damage types.

Allowing you to have more defense against condition enemies without forcing you to take cleansing utilities all the time, at the cost of some offensive stats.

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@Jski.6180 said:This has more to do with how op scorge is then any thing else. If these where boon strips it would be far easier to balances but anet realty like scorge

To be fair, the scourge is basically the first success the devs have had with making the necro competitive since beta. I'd be happy too if the wall I banged my head against for the last five years suddenly gave way.

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@Conncept.7638 said:

@Jski.6180 said:This has more to do with how op scorge is then any thing else. If these where boon strips it would be far easier to balances
but anet realty like scorge

To be fair, the scourge is basically the first success the devs have had with making the necro competitive
since beta
. I'd be happy too if the wall I banged my head against for the last five years suddenly gave way.

Reaper was a very good class till they nerfed it right before scorge came out. Now reaper is one of the worst melee classes for necro for some reason scorge is the best melee and best ranged for necor.

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Resistance should have never been from begin on an obsolete Boon, ANet should have made an Attribute out of it with overhauling the Attribute System to Dual Effects.

That they added it as a boon is just only the cheap solution by them to hotfix the condition damage fiasko they KNEW which would they create for PvP and WvW the moment they increase the overall damage of conditions for the whole game with the June 23rd patch of 2015 short before they were going to launch HoT and addign with it the E-Specs and other gameplay Mechanics, liek the Breakbar System and the massive increase of hard cc spam that HoT brought to the game as well, which was like the pinacle of desastrous game balancing which brought together with the condition changes back then absolutely everything out of control, instead of bringing first the expansion, doing balance fixes and makign then first LATER a more balanced attempt of overhauling the Condition System... but now, they just added and changed one thing over the last 3 years after another, without really lloking over the made previous changes to get balanced, as if +1ing would make always things better and more balanced, instead of looking over first of the last added athings and made changes, if they were good and exactly did successfully for what they were thought after, before adding and changing already somewhere else skills and traits ect. and addign new stuff to the game which massively influences the whole game balance on multiple levels in regard of all game modes >_>

Would Resistance be, like I propose, an attribute, then it would be an important and very impactful point in class balance, which would positively influence especially PvP and WvW and would reduce the powercreep there, if people would need to have to focus now then on a new defensive Attribute to survive actually better against condition and hard CC heavy builds.I don't keep up without a reason my pressure on this proposal, because this proposal has at least hand and feet, what I wouldn't say about Anets solution about adding Resistance as a Boon and thus increasing with this decision only the game's effect spam in regard of pumping this game way too much full with boons and conditions, which this game has of both already way too much, than are good for this game - 12 Boons and 14 Conditions can't be good for game balance!!!

Reduce them both down to 8 and rearrange the removed conditions and boos into skill effects, traits, upgrades or merge them with the remaining effects to make them that way more impactful and meaningful, like for example merging Weakness together with Vulnerability, or Cripple together with Torment, while removing on the other hand Fury and Vigor from the game, while merging Vigor basically as secondary effect into Vitality, so that this Attribute also becomes more meaningful and impactzful as a defensive trait, cause under the current powercreep of this game is Vitality with its lousy tiny Health Boost per Point just ridiculous and useless with that effect alone, but if it would boost up aside of your Maximum Health also your character's Endurance Regeneration, thats something else then.

Compare the Attribute System of GW2 for example with the Attribute System of Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, there has every Attribute not like here only 1 lousy single effect, but more like 3 to 5 Effetcs, making sure, that each of the Attributes is meaningful and useful for all kinds of various playstyles and builds you can make this way, because every Attribute there will in some kind of way useful for you and your build, because of each attribute having not only one, but multiple different effects on your character, that can be helpful and useful for you!!Thats exactly what GW2 needs and under such a superior Attribute System wouldn't exist at all the neccessaity that GW2 has as it seems for its tons of boons and conditions just to get everything Anet wants somehow into the game, if alot of this effect spam could just get reworked into better gameplay mechanics that are not Boons or Conditions, so that these two gameplay Elements can get finally euqalized and reduced to a bare neccessary MINIMUM to reduce this permanent effect spam in this games combat system, what will definetely help the most for GW2's class and combat balance to become certainly alot easier again for Anet then.

The most optimal Resistance Gameplay would be Resistance as Dual Effect Attribute to decrease the incoming Condition Damage you suffer on and to increase your Condition/Hard CC Immunity Time for when you cleanse/stunbreak a Condition/Hard CC Effect like Stun or Knockdown, Fear ect., so that so better your Resistance is, so lesser Condi Damage will you receive, instead of being totally OP and being like 100>0 shutting off all Condit Damage instantly, the player can then this way reduce the Condi Damage, which is something alot of people of this community are requestign for a long time, that there should exist a way just to decrease Condi Damage... not their durations, but their Damage they deal to you, similar like Toughness decreases direct damage (or should do that, I kind of have the impression, this Attribute is bugged since 2012!! and does just nothing, or the reducing is so tiny, that you barely feel a difference, if you have high or low toughness...) polus with the Immunity Time you'd receive fro mthe secondary effect of Resistance would make you using Condi Removal/Stun Breaker Skilly temporarely immune to just only the cleansed Conditions/Hard CCs, so that Condi/Spam/ Hard CC Spam finds finally an end, making it pointless to keep on spamming poison onto an enemy, that as just cleansed his last received poison conditioon via Removal Skill , due to beign immune from that point on for Poison then for a feew seconds based on how high your Resistance Value is, before that Character can become poisoned again.

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