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Incorrect audio (wrong order) in Asura - Priory quest: A Meeting of the Minds

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During the final cinematic conversation in the Asura - Priory quest "A Meeting of the Minds", the text of Zojja's dialogue reads, "Tyria needs their experience... and Destiny's Edge needs all the help they can get. Once you're settled in at the Durmand Priory, I may call on you again."

However the voice-over that is given says "Vigil" instead of "Durmand Priory".

Thank you.

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... and in addition, the following text conversation with Zojja (before porting out) includes her calling the character "initiate", which I understand to be the first rank of the Order of Whispers, whereas this quest means the player has just been brought into the Durmand Priory and is a "novice".

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