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[NA][PvE/PvX][LFG] New-ish Player LF Guild!


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Hey, all!

I've played GW2 off and on since release, though I've never really found myself fully committing to the game, and I think a major reason for that is I've generally played by myself for the most part. I'm currently in one guild, and they're great, but the guild is really quite small, and I'm hoping to find something to make up for the times that I'm still running around mostly alone. So, I figured I may as well try and find that guild! If I'm being entirely honest, this game is extremely overwhelming to me at the moment. I know that a lot of people recommend against boosting, but all of my toons have been boosted. So I'm trying to play catch up with a lot of game mechanics and things while at max level. It's really overwhelming and exhausting having to go to the wiki for just about everything, but I really enjoy the game on a base level, so I'm trying really, really hard to power through. That said, I'm not saying I'm looking for a guild to like tell me every little thing to do or anything like that, just a guild that's willing to be patient with me.

A little about me:

  • I'm 25 years old, and I have a bachelor's degree in history. I plan to get a Master's soon as well, also in history, and I want to eventually get a PhD and hopefully work as a college professor. Outside of gaming, I'm a huge sports fan, and I play all sorts of games outside of GW2, though MMOs have always been my favorite.
  • I come from a "hardcore" PvE background in World of Warcraft. With that being said, I really want to focus on PvE in GW2 at some point as well. I haven't been able to do very much, as I don't really have much gear, so I've spent a lot of my time aimlessly running around in WvW collecting some loot haha. I have done a couple low level fractals, but that's about it.
  • I currently have both an elementalist, guardian, and ranger at level 80, though I'm the type who will have every class at max sooner than later. My guardian is my "main" I guess you could say, though. At the moment, at least. Also, I'm on Fort Aspenwood.

What I'm Looking For:

  • I don't mind if your guild is ridiculously established or just starting out. Either one works for me as long as you're okay with me being newer to the game and really having no idea what I'm doing with like 99% of things. I'm learning more and more everyday, though!
  • I would really like it if your guild uses Discord for voice chat/talking out of the game. I love Discord and really like when my guilds/gaming groups use Discord.

If you think I may be a good fit for your guild, feel free to reply here or message me in game at Shimple.4318. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope to hear from some of you soon!

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Hello Shimple,We have a guild of around 53 members and we are still looking for more members. I have to admit I like your ad and I think you would be a good fit for us.We use discord and we do daily fractals, raiding on friday and saturday nights guild missions on Sunday. We have a website http://psr.shivtr.com. We are active and we are mainly central and eastern time zones. We are mainly a casual guild, but there is usually something to do during the evenings. It would be a pleasure to have you come and check out the guild and give us a chance to help you as well with anything that you need to do to continue with your travels through PvE and the expansions if you own them.

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HERO sounds like a good fit for you. We are a PvX guild focused on community and friendship, and our guild covers almost every one of your bullet points. We are very new/returning player friendly, and several of our officers really enjoy helping players get more into the game and more acquainted with it. HERO uses discord for all of its communication, we are constantly online in discord, whether we're playing GW2, hanging out, or playing another game, and we are always looking for more people like that.

Inside of GW2, we focus on team-based content, such as FoTM, PvP, Raids, and of the like. Raids and guild missions are scheduled. We keep a pickup and play mentality, whereas, people sign online, come on discord, and decide what they want to do that day. We constantly are running training raids (every week, in fact) to help new players learn and get used to the bosses. HERO has T4 FoTM teams, and none of them have any issues with helping new folks get into that game mode as well. Numbers-wise, we have an active roster of 65 players (all of whom have been on within the past 24 hours) and we keep that roster trim and active.

So, if this sounds good to you, or if you have more questions, feel free to whisper me in-game or respond to me here.

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