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Caps and T-shirts

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Neither of these was a beta-tester item. The t-shirt was given away at a couple of conventions around launch, or by fan sites, and the cap was in the gem store (for free) during the headstart weekend.

I have the cap but not the t-shirt and like Ashantara I never use it. It hides your characters hair like most hats, but it's so small that it's very obvious they're bald so IMO it only looks ok on charr and some asura. Or maybe on a character who is bald anyway, but none of mine are.

I wouldn't object to it coming back, maybe as part of the 6th birthday gift so it still retains some element of 'exclusivity'. Although then I suspect some of the people who already have it will complain that they're missing out on part of their gift by getting something they already have and can't sell.

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