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Give the Inquest Outfit headpiece the "Braham shoulders" treatment

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By which I mean, please release it as a separate item. Pretty please? With 300-400 gems on top?

I bought the outfit, actually, but it's... too busy for me with all the flashy holographic nonsense. Besides, I don't really like the fact that it's tied to the Inquest, that reminds me way too much of a certain real life historical movement with a horrendous outlook but cool snazzy uniforms. The headpiece though? Love it to bits, fits my asura perfectly.

So yeah, if Braham's frankly ridiculous Three Wolf Moon style shoulderpads get to be re-released as an armor piece (and also get inexplicably inflated even further, because of course we need bigger pauldrons), then why not do the same for the Inquest headpiece? Extra points for possibly not tying it lore-wise to one of the most morally indefensible factions in the game, if you don't mind.

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