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Danger Time - A suggestion


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This trait has a fundamental problem in its current implimentation. It's a damage-increasing trait, that requires taking other traits/skills that hurt your damage output to work.

My suggestion:"Gain additional critical-hit chance while affected by quickness. Critical hits deal additional damage to slowed enemies."

With this change, you can more safely rely on the crit chance, while the second part is a nice side bonus for when you do apply slow to an enemy. It works better that way, because crit chance affects your gearing choices, while increased damage is always appreciated even in small windows, regardless of your gear.

Plus, when chrono was revealed, the devs said they wanted to push a duality theme for the spec. This change would enhance that theme.

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I don't like how Chrono Slow design is damage based on crit scale, but relies on a condi that is kind of unreliable which makes the entire thing underwhelming.

They've tried to add more, but the bits don't make it good enough, and it forces you to play hybrid unless they ever come out with a Power/Precision/Ferocity/Expertiese ammy xD

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