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Returning Mesmer few questions


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i'm back in the game after a longer break. After messing around with all of my chars to look wich one will be my new or old main i ended up on my mesmer again. So it seems the whole phantasamthing had been reworked. Honestly i don't get it how it works now. I read the patchnotes and the only thing im thinking is ooookay. I played an power chrono most of the time. Getting up phantasms shatter them the first time, dropping all my wells, shattering the second time if my skills are ready again and using continuum shift for hard encounters.So when do i shatter now? Also it looks to me like wells are no longer that good, they don't give alacraty anymore. I also try to figure out what would be a good solo setup in case of weapons but it seems weird. Half of the people say go with s/s s/shield the others say GS is now a vaible choice. Is Chrono worth to stay on with it or need i change to a core powerbuild?Can someone please give me some insight or an starting point where i can go on from?Any advices are welcome fell really lost at the moment, thank you.

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First: the new mechanics

  1. Shatters only shatter clones.
  2. Phantasms attack once, then turn into a clone. Chronophantasma causes them to attack twice, then turn into a clone.

That's the basis of the change. Understanding that should help you figure out how to adjust your playstyle to account for the differences. In addition to those primary changes, they modified or boosted the attacks of most phantasms and completely changed or shuffled the phantasm traits. By and large these changes have significantly boosted the strength of phantasms. The notable exceptions are the pWarden, which is kinda awful now, and the pWarlock, which is really awful now.

Generally speaking the best solo setup is going to be some combination of sw/sw, /sh, and gs. Which you pick is going to depend on the situation; how many enemies you're fighting, whether range is necessary, what sort of other support you have. You'll probably want to run something like chrono/ill/duel or chrono/duel/Dom or something along those lines.

The wells are ok, but you're not likely to really get the most use out of them unless you're building partially due boon duration. What you'll probably want to take instead will be pDisenchanter, potentially pDefender, and your choice of a third utility. Both of the utility phantasms are exceptionally powerful now, and can provide a significant amount of damage for your build.

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