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Crafting a Precursor Error

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I was about to finish the craft of Zap a second time, I was not aware that I could not craft a precursor a second time since the indication only appears when you have managed to get all the components (Which Is between 260-300 Gold).

Is there a way to get ridd of the components and get the Gold back, or could it be even possible to get one day roll back on the account ? (since I had all "Raw" Resources prior to this day)I am very sorry to bother support on the forums, but It seems that the ingame support link doesn't quite work (Impossible to sign In, thus Impossible to Submit a Ticket).

I wish you a nice day.

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Click the support link at the top of the page, then sign in. There's no real in game support, it just links to that page.

If you can't sign in there, you can submit a ticket without loging in by clicking submit a ticket and "submit your ticket anonymously."

Your issue needs a support ticket, No one on the forums can help you with it.

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@Ealandur.1876 said:@zerorogue.9410 :Yeah I couldn't connect, looks like there is a problem with it. Haven't seen the Anonymous Submit, thanks for pointing that out, I'm going do that.

@Linken.6345 :Unfortunately, It does not come from the achievement, so yeah, It is flawed.

the Essence DOES come from the achievement

the only reason Hobb is selling it again is because there are people that delete rewards

''This crafting system is an account-based activity, which means you’ll only be able to craft each precursor this way once. However, all of the currently existing precursor acquisition methods will remain intact in addition to this new acquisition method. That means that if you want a particular precursor more than once, you’ll have to fall back to the original methods of acquisition.''

source : https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/a-legendary-journey/

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