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Mistforged Heroes [HERO] looking for more Raiders! (Weekly raid clears)


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Mistforged Heroes [HERO] is looking for dedicated raiders during Mondays and Tuesdays 19:00 CET/CEST. We are recruiting again since some people stopped playing.

Are currently looking for:1 Main Chrono with alt DPS1 Main Scourge for W5 with alt DPS1 Healer used to kiting with alt DPS.

Requirements to join the weekly raid clear teams are the standard 250+ LI or Legendary Armor. You must know that you are good and not fail mechanics. (Like really you will be kicked if you don't know) If you play DPS you need at least 85% of benchmarks.

We offer you to join our experienced guild where most of us have at least 750+ raid boss kills and usually kills them on first try. We also done all CM's and do them shortly after new raid wings releases.

If you are interested in joining our raid team send a message to KRUSSIDULL.6845 in-game.

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