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Thief staff skill 5.

I've noticed recently when initiating combat (and probably during combat as well) against single enemies in particular, unless the enemy I'm targeting is very close to the center of the targeting circle, I've often found regular difficulty in connecting with this attack. This has made for many failed attempts where you know the attack should connect, but just doesn't. Is has become somewhat frustrating having to force my character to get just that little bit closer every time i try to use it.

A lot of these have also been on stationary targets, so I know it can't have anything to do with latency, and not something I use to ever notice.

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i have a few questions on this issue just so the devs know what is going on and were to look. Were are you playing to get this bug pvp/ wvw/ pve? When you use staff 5 with thief are you geting a mesage saying invalade target or no line of sight on target? if you can explan this ples do so the dev can fix it for you.

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Well I really only do PvE, so that's where it happens. And no, there's no line of sight issues or anything. Attack performs as normal, but just won't connect for me if they're closer to the edge of the circle.

Sure, some may think I'm getting them just barely out reach, but it happens far too often for me unless I get it right on top of the target (and would be pretty obvious anyway).

I can also say with pretty confident certainty that I had no problems with this until until I picked the game back up again for episode 2 (which I took a couple months break from). I remember doing plenty of vaulting around the labyrinth on halloween and had not a single trouble hitting enemies there.

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