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[NA][PvX] Looking for a guild? Flames of the [MIST] has a family.


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The Flames of the Mist is a social PvX guild family that focuses on quality over quantity.

Our main purpose is to help players reach their goals. That may include builds, gear, story, dungeons, fractals, raids, achievements, you name it. We have fun doing content together, and our guild's culture emphasizes that you (yes, you), should never feel like you need to drop out of a group event because you feel like you are not "doing well enough" or you are "dragging the team down." We are a family, and all events we host have the primary purpose to let us tackle difficult content, learn together, and enjoy each other's company. Downing a boss, speed clearing, all of that, is completely secondary to having a good time with each other. Join our family where the success of an event is never more important than enjoying it with each other. We are not and do not promote elitism. You are free to run what build works for you. During raids, WvW, and higher tier fractals, we may give pointers to help you succeed (including educating you on what is required mechanically to succeed), because it's all about self-improvement.

We are PvX, meaning we dabble in all game modes – PvE, sPvP & WvW. We teach dungeons, fractals, and raids. We do story together, we help each other level, and we do sPvP for da lolz (and that sweet, sweet daily gold... and occasional guild mission). We have people who do WvW, our official home server is Ferguson's Crossing, though we have many players on Sea of Sorrows who also run. We also do some non-game events. Movie streaming night, karaoke over voice chat, trivia night...

We welcome anyone from any server (though we are on NA servers). We have an insanely active Discord that we use for voice and general chat, and have a website which is our central repository of information like guides, guild news, random discussions, and theory-crafting. We have a 99% representation policy (it's basically 100% but with exemptions for special circumstances like personal guild bank, WvW or Raiding guilds that require rep during events).

If you have any questions or want an invite, contact one of us in-game (mail works too, if we're offline):ninjazzy.3024 -or- Magical Things.8465 -or- symmash.6243

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