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Materia[MATE] [NA] PvE Mag Guild


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Materia is a tight knit community of young adults encouraging community gameplay. We are primarily based on the East Coast, with an abundant amount of players on the West Coast and other worldly locations. We have a heavy focus on PvE content, with small but strong groups focusing on WvW and PvP. What we look for are players who want to be active in their community. Whether you are a new player, returning player, or a veteran player there is a place for you here. We want people who will participate in guild events and give feedback.     To all future Materians we eagerly await your arrival. Please see below for more information about [MATE].  

What we do at Materia

  • Guild Missions- Every Sunday at 8 p.m. est.
    • Guild Activity Night- Every Tuesday at 8 p.m. est.Past events include but are not limited to Dungeons, Fractal Crawl, Map Metas, Bounties, HP/World Boss trains, pretty much an open forum for doing anything and everything.
    • Fractals- T4’s Daily and fractal training and leveling.
    • Special events- Seasonal events, random drawings and giveaways.
    • Group play- Days where there is nothing planned we have people running around in WvW together, doing PvP together, map metas together, achievements together, etc.

What do we have at Materia

  • Maxed Guild hall- Windswept Haven.

    • Custom Guild PvP arena- PvP training weekly.
    • Discord- Active discord server where members can collaborate, post meme’s, talk about music and other games, access builds and other important guild information.

    What do we want from our guildies

    • Repping policy- Materia requests that you Rep when not actively participating in secondary guild functions.
    • To be active in the guild- We want people who will participate in guild events, talk in chat, and help grow with this community.

If you have any questions or would like an invite you can message these people in game:-Zalak.7310-Sscar.8324-Taxi.7053-Bauron.7135

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