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Revenant and its future?

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Hi everyone,first of all i would like to say, that i play this game for a month now i guess (I've played Gw2 for a while after its release and came back now) and I absolutely enjoy it. However, when I was choosing a class, I did not really think about it and I straightpciked Revenant. Made story lines with it, also a decent Map completition.I unfortunatelly dont like the WvW, where the Revenant especially Herald might be usefull, but I like the PvP instead.From what I played now, it appears to me, that with Revenant in PvP, you can only get that far, when people play only for fun and do not tryhard meta builds and stuff. Far then that, its useless class.So i was hoping to know your opinion, if i should make another class, make it main and let the revenant one wait until its gonna be usefull some day hopefully, or just ignore it?

Bcs im still pretty competitive in PvP and i love seeing like those longswords Sunrise/Twilight/Eternity Guardians or Warriors with tuned everything. From this "fashion" or "high goals" point of view, revenant is not the one that u will show off with. (at least for me)

So to finish my point, if I can even call it a point, I want to know your opinion. Which class should I switch now to enjoy the PvP capability but also PvE, bcs I am a PvE and sometimes PvP player. Im planning to craft all the gear and stuff you all guys have for years :DD but i want to have that feeling, that I will not have to switch it later, bcs it will get useless.

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I can't comment on PvP builds, but one thing to consider is that all characters are automatically level 80 in PvP and your equipment is always level 80 exotics, even if it's actually a level 1 white item (or a legendary). Which means it takes very little time and money to get a new character ready for PvP or even to change their build.

So you could keep your revenant to play in PvE and create a new character to use in PvP. If you make them a guardian or warrior you can even use all the same skins, or you could go for a different armour weight so you can have more variety. (Although I suppose the final decision will be down to what's best, but I'll leave that up to someone who knows PvP builds.)

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There is a thing called flavor of the month. (although the time period seems to be higher for GW2). I think most classes have been underclassed and overclassed in PvP over the last years. due to this effect. There are two important factors to keep in mind.1: the favor of the month is mostly played by people with lesser player skills who still want to be competitive.2: the favor of the month is enhanced due to this effect

It is like.A: Necromancer is so strong, it should be nerfedB: Ow wow, I suck at playing a revenant and go play necromancer nowA: I lost from you B, Anet why not Nerf it this is kitten!! (I actually wrote k i t t e n here, but the forum's bad language filter replaces any bad word with the word kitten)

So there are two aproaches to it.

1: do not play along with this everlasting cycle, and play whatever you like. When you loose try to find why and improve yourself. Playerskills are always superior to class mechanics and skillbalance.2: do play along with this everlasting cycle and use an alternate characterslot for pvp as you'll be switching out often.

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