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[suggestion] mini collections

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There could be a few more mini collection, for like: one for hot+ls3, and one for pof+ls4.The collection would only include the minis which you can buy from the vendors. It would be a nice goal to work towards, since like this there is not much point to get all the minis, except for the people who collect ALL of them.The reward could be a few ap, a title, and some unique mini, related to the xpack+ls.I think this might make more people collect them, and this would also add extra replayability to older ls maps, since you need to redo the hearts, and get map currencies.

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IMO minis are their own reward - you get them because you like them, and I actually think it's a good thing that in most cases if you don't like a particular mini you don't need to get it because it has no function beyond being displayed. But I wouldn't be opposed to them adding collections, it could be a nice little bonus for those of us who do collect them. As long as it was minis which are still available, it would be terrible to add a collection which can only be finished if you started it months or years before it even existed.

But if the goal is to get people to return to expansion maps I don't think this is the best way to do it, because collections are a one-time thing. Once you've completed it you can't do it again and the minis don't take a lot of map currency to get. Which means the increase in player population would be minimal even if everyone wanted the reward. Some people have them already and don't even need to go back to the maps to complete the collection, and some will have enough map currency to buy them without replaying events to earn more. Even the people who need to start from scratch will only be around for a little while, then they'll go back to whatever they're doing now.

Keeping people in specific maps long-term needs long-term goals. Collections can serve that purpose, but only if they use items which take a lot of time/currency/specific achievements to get.

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