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So I just recently bought Heart of Thorns/Path of Fire bundle

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PoF's masteries (mounts) are useful in nearly every part of the game, while HoT's tend to be more specific to the HoT/LS3 maps. So, if you want a much easier time getting around (especially in HoT!) it might be a good idea to unlock more of the PoF masteries. In the process, you can unlock the elite spec for your class, which should improve your performance in combat significantly.

Both HoT and PoF are a significant step up in difficulty over the core game. It's intended to provide a challenge for players who have their elite spec unlocked and have developed their build (traits, gear, etc.). As a result, many players will find it difficult initially. But with some practice, build tweaking, and once you start unlocking more of those masteries and especially the elite spec, it should get much easier.

As for gear, aside from expansion-specific stat sets like Viper's or Greiving, there is no particular advantage to one expansion over another or even the core game. Ascended stats were the best stats available before the expansions released, and they remain so today. If you have full exotic, you're very close to the best stats you can get. That your stats are optimized for your build is a much more important consideration than getting ascended gear (which you won't really find as a drop in either expansion anyway).

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I would play hot in order to unlock the glider ( the whole traits if possible ) and the LS3 masteries ( the lifesteal on ground combat ) then move to PoF.

If you find HoT hard, do viceversa.Play HoT and then, once with all mounts, consider to play again HoT Maps.

AliamRationem explaind very well all the stuff equipment related.

If you want to know something specific about the class you are going to play, leave a message.

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HOT is actually harder than POF, but they're both a very big step up in difficulty from the core game. That's because there were two seasons of living story during the time between the core game and HoT an the level ramped up during that time. Going from core to hot is a bit like going from grade six to great nine without any learning in between.

If you're on a US server, I can help you learn the game enough to get by, but either way, if you don't care about story, do PoF first. It's far easier than HoT. Again if you're having trouble just hit me up in game. I'm sure I can help.

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@talosblue.4819 said:Ok so I have a lvl 80 Warrior and a lvl 80 Thief. It sounds like I should do PoF first for mounts and elite spec. Do I have to run both of them through PoF to unlock their elite specs seperatly?

Yeah, Hero Points are per-character.

Should be noted though, that as a Warrior main, I’d really recommend core Warrior over Spellbreaker as a new player.

Strength/Defense/Discipline is extremely solid with lots of damage and sustain.

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As a relatively new player, I found HoT content very frustrating, so I ditched it pretty quickly. After another month of gameplay under my belt, I'm about to take another run at it, but it's a huge jump in difficulty from Core, and if you're like me and are directionally / spatially challenged, playing Tyria Tarzan sucks pretty hard.

It takes less than an hour to unlock the Raptor, and with a bit of WiKi research, about as long to get enough mastery points to unlock Canyon Jumping, which you need to get the Bunny. You just need to grind the XP in PoF to unlock that mastery and then you'll have two very useful mounts that make getting around in the rest of the game much much easier!

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@Oglaf.1074 said:

@talosblue.4819 said:What about Thief Elite spec?And what is a good pve spec for Thief?

They both work. Especially now that, in PvE, Deadeye Rifle was buffed to pretty much output the same damage as Daredevil - but from 1500 range.

That said, if you want a way to make life easier doing jumping puzzles (except Portmatt's, where there isn't any jumping anyway), Daredevil/Staff can't be beaten.

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