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Comprehensive, up-to-date build list?

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I know there's MetaBattle but it doesn't always seem up to date and doesn't contain builds for all possible purposes, e.g. WvW roaming or 1v1 duels. Is there a more comprehensive build archive somewhere?

Also, it would be super useful if such sites listed which balance patch a build was designed for or last tested on. That way you at least know when something is (potentially) outdated.

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There isn't really anything like what you're looking for. It's just about impossible to maintain, because (a) builds are very personal, (b) "best" depends on criteria including who|what|where|why and "with whom", & © they change suddenly for all sorts of reasons.

Here's what I know about and use to help understand what other folks are going to use (and why):

MetaBattle is always up-to-date for what it tries to document. It has never been about offering builds for all different purposes, just about offering the "best" of the popular builds among the most common archetypes.

Snowcrows and DT document the most-efficient speed-clearing options for raids and fractals respectively (although many of the builds swing both ways).

Discord EU offers their group-oriented WvW builds.

And Synonym-for-Happiest Charr Ever has posted their choices for "best" open world PvE builds (based on a very-specific set of criteria).

Each site is maintained by a very tiny number of people and it's often all they have time for to list the builds and how they work. Of course, it would be convenient if they time-stamped builds with "last updated" and "includes changes from patch X," but there's no easy way to do that, so sometimes it gets forgotten

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