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Realism in Palawadan - enemy dialogue

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In Palawadan, it occurs to me that it's really lacking the nostalgia the veterans of Guild Wars want to see.

To make it better, please create a data link between the enemies in this zone and the Trade channel of America English District 1 of Kamadan in the original Guild Wars. The net effect of this should be that enemies shout the following slogans at players while they attack:

"WTB 2 ELITE ELE TOMES PM ME!!!""wtb rez scroll stack pm?????""WTS mods+insc.""WTS Nic Set pst zomg""WTS OS GOld Phoenix Blade q10 | Draconic Aegis q10str""GWPROS.COM - WTS 250e = $4.40""WTS 15e=100k 8x"

...and so forth.

Kay thx!

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