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Anet here is a possible idea to make unravel decent


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Hi so about everyone who uses weaver has probably looked at unravel and in the end made a similar conclusion that it is like training wheels that really is not that good. Not that there is not some possible use for it but its really underwhelming of a utility. I was trying it again just so I can really think about it and see if I could make use of it. There is a use that makes it....ok because it does let you get to skills that you let go of and when traited it gives stability which is nice. However its still really underwhelming even though the cd is relative to most ele cd's short. That being said what it does seems to not be much even though its one of the lowest cd's ele has.

Thoughts how to make it worth using.

  1. lower the cd so you can change at will almost maybe 10s but only swaps once for instant use of skills
  2. or make it do more when using it you get a boon for each full attunment while it is active. air quickness 3s, fire might 5 stacks 10s water resistance 2s earth stability 2 stacks 4s

anyway these are my thoughts on it.

while I am at it I would like to point out monsoon. I do not want to be rude but my goodness what kind of a joke that skill is lol. I saw the description launch a HURRICANE and and what actually happens is you go to cast the spell and your character kinda sneezes in a direction and forgets to cast the spell. when I first saw this anet must have put it in as a joke or something lol.
the actual problem with the spell is its sooo small that you don't really hit anything and when you do it does very little damage. but it has decent regen but you are not going to use it for regen and if you go healing build you will go tempest anyways so it wont matter.

way to fix it: radious 360 unblockable. that way even though it does small damage it will be on people long enough to do something and they might actually want to get out of it.

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