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Blocking vs The Two-Part Attack

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Given that Aegis, blocks, and counters are part of high-end gameplay and part of the reason we don't need traditional healing roles...

Why is it that I can block an attack, and still suffer the effect? And I don't mean unblockable attacks, because I see Block come up when it should, but then I get tagged with a status effect (especially Blind, and I have an even number of fingers to show for the blind-spam enemy meta...) due to something I remember as a bit of a rumor, and that is some enemy attacks are done in two parts as a way to convey the effect?

But why? If I mitigate the effect as I should, then the attack should be negated. I don't want to lay it out as a "simple" programming measure, but if-then strings aren't exactly high level, and this is a facet in the combat system that needs to be addressed.

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