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Got a Cultivated Seed from the Cultivated Vine?

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While building Mawdry I followed all the info on the wiki in regards to the Cultivated Vine, went through all the steps and got the back piece just fine, but when I got the back piece, the seed it gave me was another Cultivated one and not a Pet Seed. I really would like my pet seed if this is a bug, but I was reading somewhere that you could also make the Mysterious Vine and people were getting a bugged seed from that. Is this a similar issue?

I really just want to be able to finish making my Mawdry. :/

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@Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:Bug Reports are good, but will garner no response (or individual action) as indicated on the Bug Report window.Thus, you must contact the CS Team for any assistance that may be possible. :smile:

Do you happen to know around how long it might take to hear back from support? Or an FAQ or something where I can find any info? I submitted the ticket a few days ago but was curious.

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