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Purchased flute during sale and can't play the same note twice - bugged or intended update?

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So I just purchased the musical instrument during the March sale yet I am unable to play it like the players in videos. Once a note has been chosen the flute will stay on that note and I can't make it play it twice consecutively with a short pause in between.

For example, The Lion Sleeps Tonight from Rayti. (1232 34321 232132) (5323 54321 232132) 5 (5 4543) 55 55 5 (5 45654 3) 55 55

I am stuck whenever I reach the 55 towards the end. It'll just be one very long 5. After some digging I found out that Anet has replace the ability to double tap the same note with a "BREAK" function. But what exactly is this break function? Is it the elite ability (the red sign saying "STOP PLAYING") in the video?

If so, I've tried to use that ability to create short break between the notes but it's extremely slow and clunky. Once pressed, not only does my character put the flute down, the note after is also silent if I press it too fast. Plus the video I posted above is AFTER the patch and thus I DID NOT see the character in the video using the break function to do those 55s. What am I missing here? Can I get a refund or at least change it to an instrument that is not working as intended?

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