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[Suggestion] Turn Exotic Equipment boxes into Exotic/Ascended+ higher rarity Equipment box

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I would like to suggest that the Fractal Exotic Equipment box became an Ascended/Exotic Equipment box, or an Exotic equipment and higher rarity box. [Like some kinda combination super awesome equipment box.]

Cuz... as of now, the fractal boxes only have a usage of you get it for weapon swap, you get higher leveled, then you remove or destroy because it's not useful, or keep for loots.I think that by the time people are doing higher level fractals, the current weapons they are using are a mix of exotic/ascended based on the drops- which makes the exotic equipment box not useful. Since I'm assuming exotic equipment box is designed for those who have fancy weapons.

Right now the only use I can think of it when you are at that stage is either destroying or using up four inventory slots for every type of drop save ascended... and then you still have a problem because you haven't accounted for ascended. Four inventory slots for that is inefficient, need craftsman bags, bags for tonics... etc. I feel like that exotic equipment box could be SO MUCH MORE VERSATILE if it was an exotic+higher rarity equipment box. So right now weapon swapping is cumbersome, and if you used these boxes in your setup you regret later especially if you are lucky to get ascended drop (hooray, ascended, then, oh crap, my inventory setup just broke)

I realized that since it is a fractal item maybe I should post here instead of general.

What are your thoughts?

Comment if you agree! ..Or disagree, whatever x3

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To me, the three box types were not meant for weapon swapping, nor was that the reason I bought a couple of them. They were easy-to-obtain, extremely cheap 20-slot boxes for my toons. The difference between the Masterwork, Rare, and Exotic versions held little meaning to me; I only bought the latter two due to lack of information about how they truly worked. Now that I know how they work, I only ever have bought the Masterwork variant, as Linken above also states they do. I believe the type differentials were added simply to differentiate them from the craftable Equipment boxes, as another option. It's really only useful for at-a-glance realization if you got an Exotic drop while mass-opening loot, which actually quickly negates itself as your other bags fill up. Still, salvage all on Masterwork and lower gear would keep Exotic/Rare tier gear in their respective boxes, for at-a-glance look at your loot.

If multiple gear-sets are what you're aiming for, invest in a Safe/Invisible bag. It's what I use for my Chrono/Mirage gear.

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