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check map achievement?

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Open your map and check the legend. You can mouse over each type of thing and it will highlight them on the map for you, for the areas you have exposed.


Also, to get the title (it's name escapes me), you have to uncover every 'area' in every map, even if there is no POI or other thing to interact with. In that case, open your map when you are in the area and compare it to the map for zone on the wiki. The map for each zone is over on the right, and you can click on it a second time to really zoom in and move around.

A great example of an easy area to miss is 'Tail of the Serpent' in 'Timberline Falls'. There are no POIs or anything like that in the area, and it hugs the lower right side of the map. I missed it the first time.

Update 2:Also, you can get a birds eye view of any map to see whether you have completed it by zooming the map 'way' out so you see more of the world, and then move over to where that zone is and put your cursor over the zone name. It will show you how far along you are (not counting the issue brought up in my first update).

Update 3:Doesn't look like the maps have the mastery points on them. But the wiki should also help identify how many of those are in each of the zones. Hopefully those entries were updated to include the MPs they added to the original game as well.

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