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Can Story missions be replayed? "My story" missions I mean.

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You mean the Personal Story (i.e., Order storylines, fighting Zhaitan, etc.)? If so, then I'm pretty sure they cannot be replayed. Living World and expansion (Heart of Thorns/Path of Fire) missions, however, can be replayed.

I'm...pretty sure. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong? :)

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Only living world season 2 and later can be replayed. As far as I know, they have no plans to ever make anything before that replayable.

Living world season 1 is in there, but all it does is have you go to Lion's Arch and talk to an NPC. Due to the way LW1 was created, it would be way to much work to ever bring it back.

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My suggestion is, if you want to review, make a character similar to your original one and choose the same paths (or the ones you haven't seen yet, if that's your reason to want to do it.) A lot of people make a new character every week just to play the 10th-level story for the free key at the end. (Can only get one key a week that way, btw.)

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