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Sharing My 75 BLC Chest Key run (No Video)

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This is not another gambling or RNG post. I want to share with you some results of the 75 keys I bought this morning.

  1. I rarely buy keys (or gems for that matter with cash) and usually only do so when on sale
  2. 75 is the most I have ever bought but eh…less than a buck a key!
  3. First run of 1680 gems = $20 for 1600 gems + 24 gold for the 80 gemsSecond run of 4000 gems at cost of $50 = $70 total invested. (Hey, I got a bonus and a raise and what’s $70 dollars compared to my wife’s $2300 spent on upcoming fall cruise!)

I won’t list everything but here is some idea:

Chaos greatsword skin which no, I cannot sell, but saves me 569 gold ( I started with 230 gold because I cannot save gold for some reason)I sold my remaining gems for of 670 for 152 gold


Ironclad glider (can buy for 500 gems)Chaos Greatsword skin (can buy for 569 gold)Winter’s Day Axe skin (can buy for 120 gold)Both the Fire Breathing quiver and bow skin – will be great for mah ranger!Antitoxin Injector skin from memory boxPlatinum node I sold for 108 gold13 primers or 1950 gems if boughtMini Branded Mount pack9 self-style hair kits 2000 gems if boughtFew good dyes I soldToxic mantle skin (cost 10 gold and another form of currency)Various bloodstone skinsVarious other minor skins either weapon or armorVarious junk items

So, all in all I made from everything I could sell from junk to TP I made 370 gold + 4450 worth of gems stuff which converts to roughly 1030 gold so 1400 gold plus the 689 gold from skins if I had to buy from TP = 2089 gold roughly. IF I used gold to buy the gems needed at current market value I would need to spend 1962 gold for 5600 gems.

So, in reality I broke close to even it seems whether I use gold (which I don’t have) or cash but what price do you put on say the bow and quiver skin? Or the memory box items?Anywhooo…..just thought I would share. It kind of sucks though because I thought I was recording and DOH! I never hit record button. Feel free CS to verify anyone who says I am lying :P

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Yeah, I did the same.

  • Pile of effing account bound hair kits even though I have the permanent contract in my shared inventory slots. :'( :s
  • Range of Bloodstone skins (some I had, some I didn't)
  • A Lovestruck skin
  • Pile of crappy dyes I already had (not hard - I have ALL blue and green dyes, and most rares as well)
  • One new rare dye
  • Hard Wood node that I sold for 96 gold
  • a dozen minipet eggs even though I have the whole collections (sold contents for about 10 gold in total)
  • a monstrously large pile of "elemental" materials (lodestones and similar)
  • assorted odds and sods.
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I bought 50 Keys and did well enough. I didn’t write the specifics down but I got a bunch of common dyes that I sent to an alt account. Several wardrobe unlocks. The new Firebreathing Dragon Longbow and Quiver of Arrows backpiece. Some Black Lion weapon skins. About 17 gold back from tokens. 4 ‘mini pet eggs’. A bunch of pouches/containers with mats, mostly mid level. Two items to get 300 tokens of your choice. About 20 Transmutation charges in sets of 5 each. Two minipet tickets. Black Lion Statuettes, 2 makeover kits. A few ticket scraps. 2 Memory Boxes. And of course miscellaneous items such as revive orbs and teleports to friends. I didn’t get any merchants or boosters.

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