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Gem Store BL Chest key prices misleading

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The non-sale prices that are listed for BL chest keys, when the keys are on sale, are wrong, and it misleading because buying larger quantities of them leads you to believe you're saving more money than buying smaller quantities, but you're actually not. I'm posting this as a bug because I don't think there is an intent to be misleading, but it is misleading, nonetheless.

The non-sale prices of the BL keys are: 1 for 125 gems, 5 for 450 gems, 25 for 2100 gems.But when they are on sale, the prices are listed as: 1 for 100 gems (orig price 125), 5 for 359 gems (orig price 625), 25 for 1680 gems (orig price 3125).

It's obvious that the non-sale prices listed when BL keys are on sale are multiples of the single key price, and don't reflect the quantity-discount the regular price offers.

This should be fixed so that the prices the promotion quotes are correct. As is stands, you are actually saving 20% when you buy 25 keys on sale, but according to the promotion, you'd be saving over 46%.

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This thread (with a more useful title) is a duplicate ofhttps://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/33539/gem-store-sale-not-enitrely-what-it-seems

Fortunately, this is only an issue for another 37 minutes as I type. (Hopefully ANet gets it right in the future; I believe this is the second or third time they've shown the retail costs without noting the bulk discount.)

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