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[PA] Painful Ascension raid selling guild is recruiting. [EU]

T J.2083

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Painful Ascension [PA] is recruiting new members to add to our roster. We are a raid guild with a focus on selling raids and fractals on the EU servers.We are looking for highly experienced players that have great knowledge of the classes they play, all raid encounters, 99cm and 100cm fractals.

What are we looking for?

We are currently not looking for specific classes. However we do require you to play atleast 2 of the following roles:-Druid (Harrier and condi)-Chrono (minstrel and normal)-BS-DPS (Weaver + atleast 1 condi dps class)

What do we expect from you?

~Be experienced :-on the classes you apply.-with all raid encounters.

  • on fractals (Including all the motes).

~Have 150 AR on atleast one of the following classes:Druid, Chrono, Spellbreaker, Weaver.

~Have previous lowman experience.

~Discord with microphone,to be able to communicate during the runs.

~Represent [PA] during sell runs, outside you can represent any guild you want.

What do we offer?

-Sell runs a few times in the week.-Friendly environment.-Discord server.-erp in CM dungeon.


First part of the trial is a dps check on the golem with the classes you applied (+95% of benchmarks on most classes).After that we will take you to a random lowman raid and a 4 man fractal run. After this there is a trial period where we will see if you preformed correctly over that period and if you fit in the guild.

Contact:If you are interested in joining [PA] or have any questions then ask on our discord server (https://discord.gg/HwUEmNc )or send an ingame mail to one of the following:

TJ: MrTJpwnz.4710Sintel: Shagartha.2710Phillipp: SteinUhrBand.3645Willie: BoogyBoo.7012

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