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Accidentally salvaged my precursor. Help

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Did you try to contact the CS Team from in-game, or use the 'Support' link above/below and 'Submit a Ticket'?If it was the former, you will garner no response (as indicated on the in-game window); if it was the latter, be aware the CS Team allows, at least, 72 hours to respond. Did you receive the near-immediate automated response? Did you check your spam/junk folders?

Good luck.

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@"Cragga the Eighty Third.6015" said:May be a dumb question, but--the legendaries I am familiar with require an item that you can only get by salvaging the precursor. Are you planning to make a legendary? If so, you may be okay as you are. But of course, if you were planning to sell the precursor, no luck after you've salvaged or bound it. (Or both.)

This is not true. You are confusing one of the perfected weapons that you make as part of the collection to craft the precursor. These need to be salvaged for the item needed to craft the actual precursor. Once you have the precursor, you keep it till you have all other components and then you craft the legendary in the forge with it.

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Did the same thing about two weeks ago. Altogether it took ANet a day to respond and around week to restore the item. Just have to be patient and do what they ask. Usually took a day between responses. I went this route: https://help.guildwars2.com/hc/en-us via submit a ticket. Make sure you know the date and time the salvage took place or as close as you can recall.

Good luck!

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