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Weaver Sword/Dagger, open world stats question


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A mix of Vipers and marauder, enough to reach at least 17k HP including the adept trait, 2k power, 30% crit chance and over 180% crit dmg with around 400-500 condi dmg, in my experience condi duration is pointless below 35%, you'd add a mere 6% to overall condi dmg. To reach over 35% condi duration with viper alone would leave you pretty "naked" to big hits, so much that any marauder gear would not be enough.

Personally I see little point using grieving because 60% of s/d dmg is condi burst and the dmg coefficient of sword is not that high to start with, you can reach 200% crit dmg and that would add a mere 1k dmg to an average 2-3k dmg hit and that's not worth the sacrifice in sustain in my opinion : "dead man does not dmg".

The ideal stats for s/d weaver include : marshal - celestial with an addition of marauder/crusader if opting for direct dmg , that's my set up for wvw roaming while I use sage for pvp.

I always make sure to have over 17k HP in any environment, that's what I am comfortable with, I can play with other stats but 17k HP+ a must for me, it depends on how much you want to rely on others

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Well i use full on carrion. With fire arcane and weaver. I like to take some hits and dont die instantly, and i dont use crit traits so i dont need the precision to stack some decent condi dmg.Its not easiest clear stuff for trash mobs but its fantastic for bounties and openworld events.

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