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[EU] static group looking for an experienced chrono to join us for weekly clears.

Wall E.5349

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hi guys and girls!

We're looking for an experienced chrono to join us for weekly clears every monday starting at 20:00 berlin time. Our average full clear of wings 1 to 5 take roughly between 3h15min to 3h30min.

A little about us

We're a fun loving group that loves making memes and clearing raids somewhat efficiently while having fun. 6 out of our currently 8 members have the title "voice in the void" (done legitimately) and 7 out of the 8 have demon's demise. We like to swap roles around whenever we get bored of playing the same role over again, except for our current main chrono who has 1000 LI+ most of which he got from playing chrono. He likes to play chrono all the time. He lives and breathes chrono and has gotten old and grumpy from playing chrono.


  • must have killed all bosses in all wings and comfortable with every boss mechanic
  • able to play the role chrono tank and chrono support for all bosses (which includes doing greens at dhuum)
  • able to distort attacks and give aegis to friends from attacks such as gorse slams etc, etc....
  • able to play domi/insp and chaos/insp
  • able to equip a focus at VG and pull seeker orbs to injure and/or kill a particular group member by the name of yava.
  • non-toxic, non-salty, cool-headed
  • must be able to play either a druid healer or a DPS class because we like to swap our roles now and then within the group so we don't get too tired of being stuck in the same role

If you are interested in joining our group and meet these requirements, feel free to write to me in-game or reply to this forum post!

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