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Hiding other parts of outfits?

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Not 100% sure if im posting this in the right spot but...

For a while now ive wondered why it is that we cannot hid things like the shoulders or the gloves to outfits? Is this something thats simply not possible to do or something that was just never thought to do?

Alot of outifts I mostly like I refused to buy simply because I didnt like 1 part of them or so that I couldn't hide. The Mursaat outfit being one of them for example the shoulders are so freaking huge it drives me insane but i adore the rest of the outfit.Is this something possible to get added in the future or is it just a no go?

  • Ability to hide shoulders on outfits
  • Ability to hid gloves on outfits
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@infrequentia.3465 said:since there not armors

but complete sets it won't happen.

the head pieces are seperate yet one piece

Im not so sure about that. I thought at one point some skins were turned to outfits and thus had other elements that could be hidden and even as outfits im sure they are built ideally the same way 1 peace at a time, as some times they offer the shoulders, gloves, head peaces, sold separately form the whole outfit. I dont see why hiding shoulders and gloves are not optional along with the head peace.

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