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Concentration infusion for Support Firebrand?


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Now that concentration Infusions are an option for support firebrands in WvW, are concentration infusions more effective than healing infusions for a Ministrel Firebrand for Zerg vs Zerg combat?

With the proposed healing reduction in the next patch, I'm considering changing my healing infusions to concentration infusions.

Naturally, boon duration will improve, but healing power will decrease by not having 18x healing infusions.

Metabuilds still has Healing infusions listed for support Firebrands, but has not been updated since feb 11, 2018.

Should I still be running superior Monk or Water Runes, with concentration infusions for the next patch?

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In the end it really wont make any difference. It comes down to about 70 healing power vs ~4% boon duration. Most would take slightly higher healing power because you can already maintain 100%+ protection, regen, swiftness, ect. without having to stack boon duration.

Also don't worry about the healing nerf that anet says they are going to do. It's just going to be another slap on the wrist (5-8% nerf), minstrel FB wont be going away.Lastly, always go monk runes, much more healing than water.

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