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GW2 keeps crashing my computer.

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Since this last update, GW2 has begun randomly crashing and freezing my computer entirely. The timing is again seemingly random. The first time it happened I was in Divinity's and the second time in Amnoon. I am also currently playing Xenoverse 2 and Fallout 4, neither of which are producing the same effect on my machine.

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Have you tried to clean your system, it sounds like over heating to me if it’s a desktop take the cover off and with canned air blow out the dust build up inside making sure you get down between the fins in the heatsink also if your system has been running hot for a long period of time you may need to replace the heatsink compound on the cpu it most likely has dried out. There are sever good videos on cleaning your system on YouTube. Even in the cleanest of homes, computers can be clogged with dust, computers are dust sucking magnets!

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