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[Partial NA/OCE] The Hardcore Caravan [HC] Looking for Static Raiders


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Hey there!

We're currently looking for more people to fill our two static groups. We're looking for people who at least have experience clearing wings 1-4, although it would be nice if you had wing 5 experience as well. It would also be nice if you had support classes that you could switch to when needed, like Chrono/Druid/Hand Kiter. The times will be listed below:

Static 1 - Team Legacy➤ 6:00 am EST (10:00 am UTC) for 2 hours on Tuesday and Saturday➤ We generally try to clear as much of Wings 1 through 4 as we can, and make attempts on Wing 5 if we have the time➤ Mainly looking for a Chrono and a DPS at the moment

Static 3 - Yet To Be Named➤ 6:00 pm EST (10:00 pm UTC) for 2 hours on Wednesday➤ This is a brand new group that's looking to make attempts at Wing 5, and will be solely dedicated to running Wing 5 during this time➤ Lots of free spots as this is a new team, so we're looking for a bit of everything

If you're interested, please send an in-game letter or a whisper to Jamin.6528

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