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[NA] [PvX] Kiith-Sa Hunter [MHX]


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The Kiith-Sa Hunter guild has come to Guild Wars 2 and is scouting for new recruits to join us in our multi-platform gaming family!

We've existed as a unit for 20 years and counting. Our strong policies and commitment to finding dedicated, high quality people (as opposed to merely players) has led to a diverse group of loyal, driven individuals with a team-oriented mentality. We are constantly looking for skilled, adaptable people to add to our roster and help shape the face of our unit.

The core tenets of our unit have never changed, upheld both by members and the capable leadership of long-standing officers, to include the founder of our guild who remains at the helm to this day. The seasoned hands of our officers work with the guild on an individual level, following an ethos centered around treating root problems as opposed to just surface symptoms. The retention and growth of our roster is considered paramount and those on it are typically there for the long haul, as we pride ourselves on making our unit the last guild they ever join.

The Kiith-Sa Hunters as a guild has a strong interest in both PvP and PvE, as we try to facilitate as many forms of content as possible. We lean towards a more militarized guild structure with an emphasis on rank, order, loyalty, and leadership and seek to foster a competitive edge in our members, striving for true challenges where we can. Our unit is less about mass numbers or recruiting a couple of characters in a video game and more about the quality of the player and personality behind them, along with the interactions to be had across all mediums. Our unit is not instanced to one game and frequently spans several genres and platforms when it comes to gaming, with our modus operandi being to enjoy our time together as a community regardless of where we go.

We keep in constant communication via Discord and have a well-developed and active website with a forum.

If any of the information about the guild mentioned above piques your interest, or if you just have questions and want to find out more, we strongly recommend visiting our website:


Please go to “Tutorials”, found on the top, and read all the topics listed there.

We recruit and evaluate all players before finalizing any decisions.

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Joining this guild was the best decision I ever made. I joined 4 years ago and it quickly went from a guild I play a game with with to a family I play games with. I never have to worry about waking up one day and having my gaming family fall apart and that is the best feeling in the world. You will not find another guild like this I can promise you that.

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