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Hero Challenges not working?

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Hello, I have recently come back to Guild Wars 2 and I had to make all new characters. I guess I deleted all of mine in the distant past (not that I regret it mind you, I get to relive everything like new again) and I have tried to do a few Hero Challenges...but when I click on them, it just gives me a brief story of it, and then it gives me only one option, which usually is "I understand" or something to that effect, and it has an X beside it. Nothing happens with it. I one of them on a few different characters, all with the same result; I wasn't able to do it. I thought they might have been made into max level only events as before they were for everyone in that area. Though that doesn't seem to be the case either.

Though I do have some hint as to what might be going on, but I still might think it's a bug. When I did participate in one of the hero challenges, as I was able to start this one, a bar came up in the right side of my screen with a nearly half full bar and a percentage. It was gone too quickly to read once I had noticed it, but it got me thinking; Has it kept track of what ones I have done from years ago, despite myself deleting those characters? Because the only one that I have truly been able to start is the one with the strong man in the fare grounds in Beetlerun. It allowed me to do that one as it gave me two options there, either fight him which had crossed swords next to it and the other one which was back out, which had the X beside it. I am really confused and I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but I would like some light shed on this if possible. Thank You!

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You need to level up more mate its part of the new player experience.


New Player ExperienceA new content direction system is being implemented to point players towards level-appropriate content, or into the next map. This is intended to provide more structure for players that need a guide.A literal arrow will be added to the notifications in the upper-right to point players towards the next objective.

Objective Compass.This system can be turned off in the options under User Interface, in the Content Guide drop down bar. It can also be set to "world complete" and point players towards the nearest content for 100% world completion.This system will not point players towards bonus hidden locations such as jumping puzzles, mini-dungeons, or pipe organs.Level progression has been changedA new notification and reward screen have been added. This screen will show the rewards for this level and rewards for next level. It will also teach important game systems, including any system that was unlocked that level.

Level Rewards.Statistical progression now comes in larger amounts at milestones instead of a small boost every level.Rewards for leveling have been improved and made more relevant.Unlocking of gameplay systems have been layered along the level progression.The downed system will now unlock at level 5. Characters will be immediately defeated before then.Weapon swapping and skill slot unlocks have been moved to different levels than before.Notifications and icons for WvW and PvP will be displayed at levels 18 and 22. Players can access them before this time if they already know what to do (portals or hotkey).Weapon skills are unlocked for all weapons simultaneously as the character levels. Replaces the current system of unlocking as enemies are defeated.Personal story progression in the Story Journal has been changed.Several steps will now be unlocked at once as chapters on specific levels, preventing the need to level up between each story step.Rewards for major chapters have been reviewed and updated.

Sadly I dident find at what specific level you get eachUnlocking of gameplay systems have been layered along the level progression.

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