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Basically unplayable,


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There's this little opening at the mine in Windswept and I just finished my Further Exploration upgrade tonight, and all the mine expansions, but apparently this part of the mine is just an illusion. It's almost big enough to fit through but isn't.

I checked in a max level guild's version too thinking it might be something that came with "Deep Cave" upgrade, but no such luck.

Was this supposed to be open with one of the upgrades and just bugged out? Or an unfinished part of the hall that got covered up just enough to be a permanent tease?

If a new hall comes out next expansion, can I take my market cats and mounts with me to the new one? :-P

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Reminds me of that cave in Drytop. At the far end where the Hero point is is blocked off however you can see through the gaps in the wall to more cave and water. I thought for sure back then that the next new map would break through that wall and let us go through. Stuff like that might be for if they do decide to go in that direction but now imo it’s more likely for immersion. To let the world seem bigger than it is by letting you peek out occasionally and see further than you’re allowed to go.

Edit: there’s a couple other places where you can look through a barrier and see further. Those places have been around since launch.

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