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Aurora legendary trinket aura

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I know this has been asked before but never got an answer, could we please have a way to hide this aura from ourselfs and others (just like backpacks) ?In content like raids and even fractals i get sometimes 2-3 people all with the aura just cluttering the screen, also as a Mesmer i cant use it in pvp because the animation is reset on a recently created clone witch is counter productive to the all deception mechanic of the class.

I made it for the utility of the trinket (more bag space), but lately have been leaving it on the bank and just carry the 5+ trinkets (minstrel, commander, zerker, assassin, viper).

I am aware that i have no right to demand or even ask of you to take this in consideration, and i know its a small thing but believe me it does have quite an impact on the utility of an item that took effort and time to make, and to just have to leave it in a bank because it affects the game play it is well disappointing, and in the end the game goals should be about feeling accomplishment when succeed.

If any of you share the same problem or have any sympathy for those that do please just leave a comment so that may be this will be considered by the devs.

Ty in advance for your time and patience.

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I support this.Aurora ( and probably the new legendary ring too ) needs some updates:

  • The possibility to move its skin on different characters.
  • The possibility to disable the skin on the main item, as it was a back piece ( as the OP said ).
  • The possibility to build more of them, in order to have 2x trinket equipped on your main, or even 2x legendary trinket on every character you have if you are rich.

And since the fact that Aurora was released during LS3, this should have been done months ago.

And I do really hope that, because legendary ring is still not avaible, they have thought about those things before releasing it.I mean, it would be ridiculous if the legendary ring will be released with the same issues, but still here I am. Worried.

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