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Aura slicer 8 sec cooldown does not synergy with fast hands, revert it or fix it.


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@DeceiverX.8361 said:

@"nicknamenick.2437" said:Takes 10 sec (with fast hands) to swap back to dagger..

Complaints about 8sec not being synced with fast hands.. lol

Umm...no, not 10 seconds weapon swap is 5 seconds with fast hands. So if you start at dagger, swap to your other weapon the timer to swap back is at 5 seconds, after those 5 seconds you swap back.

What I believe Hitman is mad about is he wants to run:

Dagger 2 > weapon swap > do 5-6 seconds of weapon rotation on your other weapon > weapon swap > dagger 2 into the rest of his dagger rotation back to dagger 2 > weapon swap > run the rest of his rotation.

What it is now:

Dagger 2 > weapon swap > do 5-6 seconds of weapon rotation on your other weapon > weapon swap >
<- gotta fill in this gap since you're now waiting on dagger 2 CD.

It can throw off your rotation, you'll end up doing more auto attacks on dagger which they nerfed as well, or the other weapon set which I'm guessing is GS or hammer which the auto attacks for those isn't spectacular either, they're slow and easy to avoid.

Good. That open blank will open up the warrior to some kind of weakness rather than being borderline impossible to punish based almost solely on build.

If the warrior has no downtime it has no weaknesses as far as skilled gameplay goes which either makes it horrendously overpowered or beyond weak. Nearly every other profession has this kind of downtime, and anything that doesn't is considered overpowered or unfightable as it is. This is also why I absolutely hate the idea of ANet's Deadeye despite explicitly warning them what would happen if they made it like it is, and proposed an alternative almost immediately after HoT launched with all the rifle threads popping up (see signature).

Winning in PvP is conceptually based on punishing your opponent during these opportunities and setting them up to force them like a very quick game of chess. Frankly, any and all rotations do not belong in PvP environments because then the game becomes less about skill and understanding what's happening and more about matchup and builds.

It may be difficult to fully realize, but when you get complimented for your skills on a build/profession constantly but in the same vein get told "it's physically impossible for you to win X matchup on your Y build because you literally do not have the ability to mathematically win in any circumstance against it because of Z predefined rotation," it's damned frustrating.

Granted, I also think that's a general problem with warrior as far as its design. It's just a little too simple in this game-state, and consequently does not behave nicely with powercreep, making it either generally wildly OP with a very, very low skill floor, or totally useless. A little more depth than just spamming everything off cooldown in a rotation would go a long way to make it healthier to play and allow for upping the skill floor and ceiling considerably.

I'm not saying we do spam our skills, if we did we'd probably be lucky to hit 1/4 of our skills. Which for a warrior is a death sentence to not be able to land blows.

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