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[BUG] Recording Devices for Sandswept Isles Stack reset from ~20 to 1.

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Figured this is similar to the harvesting tool bug. All of my unused recording devices had disappeared save only 1. This is frustrating because they're expensive to get and blocking progress on a collection.

Whether this be merged to the same thread. I think we need to start looking out for stack able items that are being reset. Anyone else have anything they realized they're missing?

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Has already been acknowledged by ANet and they are working on it. It is similar in behavior to the tool issue, but actually an unrelated bug.

From Reddit:

Dornsinger 70 points 23 hours agoupvoteYes, we're on it. Also, this affected ANY gathering tool holding charges, no matter which. So the old Black Lion gathering tools rusting in ~my~ your bank, plain steel gathering tools, any kinds of special gathering tools - everything.Edith sez: Last night we put out a patch that fixed up the tools which had their charges dropped. There is still the issue of users who lost their items fully and the support team is tinkering on possible solutions for these. However, any unused tools should be alright now!


Dornsinger 21 points 22 hours ago*Correct.Same visible impact, different issue! But that, too, is being worked on. :3

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@Gaile Gray.6029 said:Hey all,

The team is aware of, and sorry about, this issue. I'm seeing e-mails and hearing discussions about how best to address it, so a fix IS on the way!

Can we hope on seeing the devices returned (or at least their cost refunded) without our further interaction, or do we need to write mails to support? Will the solution be different for those that used up the one remaining device (and so have none now), or will it be the same?

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