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Why ?

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I dont understand why Anet is doing nothing to balance out the PVP. I really dont believe it .PvP will shrink down to 3 classes. Players are quitting PvP in masses , just today 3 people told me they will not play this season.I dont get how they cant understand and see that in this way game will die , unless they want it to die.They listen to themselves. Just amount of disappointment on the forum would make me wonder , but not Anet.

When will EU - NA merge happen ?

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Truth be told, if this game shrunk down to 3 classes, it would be a lot better; this game is too buggy, shallow, tab-target-dependent, and deprived of any interesting movement mechanics to deserve more than 3-4 classes. While anet's balance really isn't doing anything (numbers going up and down don't affect the core gameplay whatsoever; it just shifts the unfair garbarge that's been with this game since launch onto different intervals). Anet doesn't care because GW2 continues to sustain itself by whales who each dump 100s of USD$/euros into the gem store each month.

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@LazySummer.2568 said:

@"Swagg.9236" said:Truth be told, if this game shrunk down to 3 classes, it would be a lot better;

They need to shrink it down to 1 class and call it mesmer wars 2 so there's actually balance

I've thought that myself more than once while playing it. It's just so unfair; the entire game ought to just embrace the meme. To be serious for a hot second, though, a perfectly balanced game can still be incredibly dull. Everyone throws that word around like it's a game's messiah descending from above. Balance spent matter of a core game's mechanic pool is too shallow. GW2 could be perfectly balanced, but because

  • base movement is super sluggish
  • the act of "moving quickly" is entirely scripted to the point that terrain interferes with it
  • timing is entirely done for players at long range and it's impossible to miss melee attacks
  • passives and instant abilities insulate players from risk in combat and protracted periods of perfect damage negation turn "active combat" into little more than an exercise in cooldown whack-a-mole (i.e. jack all happens until someone runs out of passive triggers and panic buttons, which still can take 20+ seconds of boring/frustrating cooldown exchanges)

there really isn't anything in GW2 to challenge anyone or allow anyone to express any unique playstyle. GW2 mostly just plays itself. Any sort of identity that players derive from a class isn't their own; it's more like they just picked the color that they liked most.

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